The Sikh Welfare Research Trust (SWRT) was established in 1997 to nurture, support and fund organisations and individuals involved in voluntary sector activities, research and human rights work regardless of their religion, race or nationality.

SWRT supports a broad range of activities based on the principles of Sikh philosophy which include alleviation of poverty, hunger and homelessness, social and economic housing, enjoyment and coexistence of different cultures, religions and people, principles and enjoyment of human rights, principles and enjoyment of economic and social rights and development, principles and advancement of social and political coexistence and pluralistic societies, advice on civil rights and general welfare, voluntary work action in social, legal and economic welfare.

SWRT will principally focus on the Sikh community with strong emphasis on partnerships and collaborations with other communities to benefit all. It will also work with assist other communities where the aims of the organization are consistent with those of SWRT